How long does the whole process take ?

You can check the processing time according to your field office on the USCIS website by clicking here. Although, you should know that the processing time tends to be longer than what it will actually take. For example, the San Diego field office estimates 8 months from the day you sent your paperwork till the interview date, while my case only took 5.5 months.


Do I have to send the original documents along with the forms ?

No. Never send the original documents. You can take them with you at the interview. Only send copies along with the forms.


How long should I wait for my Employment Authorization Document (EAD) ?

Again, check the processing time information on the USCIS website here. It usually takes between 2 to 4 months.


What if my address changed while still in the green card process ?

You can do your change of address online by completing the form right here.


Can I travel outside the United States while waiting for my green card ?

To be able to travel outside the Unites States while still in the green card process, you must apply for the Advance Parole document (see the form and documents needed here). Once you have received your EAD/AP combo card, you will be able to travel. But I must warn you, this document does NOT guarantee your reentry in the United States. It should be used moderately. Do not leave the country for a long period of time, and try to limit your trips as well.


If my Advance Parole or Green Card has my married name on it, and if my passport has my maiden name, which name should I use to book a flight ?

The name on your flight ticket and your travel document must match, therefore, use the name on your passport to book a flight.


What documents will I need from my home country ?

Ask a family member or friend to send you your birth certificate and vaccine record if you don’t have them with you in the U.S.


What do I need to bring to the interview ?

  • The interview notice letter
  • All of the original documents of the copies you have sent with your application
  • Proof that you are in a bona fide marriage


How long after the interview should I receive my Green Card ?

Usually 7 to 10 days after the interview.


How long will my Green Card be valid for ?

If you were married for more than two years by the day of the issuance of your green card, you will receive a 10-year validity green card. If you were married for less than two years, you will receive your green card with a 2 year condition. You will be able to remove this condition 21 months after your received your green card.


What are the application fees for the I-485 Adjustment of Status ?

As of July 2017, the application fees for the I-485 are $1,140 for the Form Fees and $85 for the Biometric Services Fees. Which ends up being a total of $1,225.


What are the application fees for the I-130 Visa Petition ?

As of July 2017, the application fees for the I-130 are $535


What forms do I need to send if I am married to a U.S. citizen and living in the United States ?

The list of the forms and documents to send for the green card can be found here.



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