Where Should You Start ?

  • Are you eligible for the green card ?

The very first thing that is important is to know is if you are eligible for the green card.

If you have some health problems (usually communicable diseases), if you had criminal or security issues in the past, or if you have committed immigration violations, you may not be eligible for the green card.

Before we continue onto the next step, look at the list of what makes you inadmissible, click on the link bellow:

What Makes You Inadmissible ?

  • The medical exam

Then, you will have to pass a medical exam. Make sure you call at least 4 or 5 doctors or clinics in your area. You will see that some will charge you $500 while others will only ask for $100. No matter where you go, the medical exam will be the same !  The only thing that might change is that you will have to wait longer to get an appointment at cheaper locations, but that’s it.

Basically you will have to pass a VERY easy english comprehension test as well as a routine visit. You will also need to do a blood test, TB test and vaccines (if needed)

The medical exam must be completed by an authorized doctor from the government’s list. The medical visit is not covered by health insurances. Find an authorized doctor here

A quick tip: before you go for your medical exam, make sure you get all of the required vaccinations. You can go to your primary care doctor, and therefore use your insurance.   Once you have done the vaccinations, you can contact the USCIS approved doctor to make an appointment and provide him with your vaccine record.

For your information, the flu shot is only required during the flu season, which starts on October 1st and ends on March 31st each year. Therefore, if you do not want to get the flu shot, you will have to pass the medical exam outside this period of time.

Make sure you have your vaccine record from your home country. So you won’t have to do some vaccines twice.

Once you have completed your medical exam, the doctor will provide you with a sealed envelope. DO NOT OPEN IT ! You will have to send it sealed to the USCIS.

  • Start your adjustment of status package

Now that you have the envelope in hand, you are ready to start the adjustment of status package.

Get ready to file the forms properly, click here to know how to prepare your paperwork

  • You are a spouse of a U.S. citizen and you are living in the United States:

Click here


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