My Timeline

Hi everyone,


So I am gonna start by sharing with your my timeline.

The timeline is basically a sum up of all the key dates throughout the adjustment of status process.


I was assigned to the San Diego USCIS local office.


  • 01/24/2015: Wedding
  • 03/24/2015: Sent my adjustment of status package to the USCIS
  • 04/03/2015: Notice of Action
  • 04/24/2015: Biometric Appointment
  • 06/08/2015: Employment Authorization Document and Advance Parole approved
  • 06/13/2015: EAD / AP Combo Card received
  • 09/14/2015: Interview at the USCIS local office
  • 11/05/2015: Green Card received


Now here I would like to precise one thing. Our interview went very smoothly, our immigration officer was nice and friendly. She approved us on the spot. Although, my medical exam was missing the doctor’s signature as well as the vaccination page.

Therefore, I had to go back to the clinic to get a new form in a sealed envelope, which I then sent to the USCIS. I did not really hurry and waited a month to send the new form.

This is why there is such a gap between my interview date and the day I received my Green Card.

I will be able to remove the condition on residence (right now I have a 2 year validity green card) on August 5th 2017. So make sure you follow my blog in order to get updates. I will be applying from Fort Lauderdale, Florida this time.

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